a heat pump
At your property

Our customers are very important to us and with this in mind and from their feedback we have changed the options available to you when purchasing our heat pumps so to meet your specific needs in a heating system.

There are 3 options available which are detailed below.

Supply only

This option is designed for developers, housing associations and councils etc. in general people who have their own installation teams*

With this option you will receive your Husky Heat Pumps Ltd. air to water heat pump and unvented cylinder to your specifications (all cylinders are stainless steel and tested to European standards). Heating system cylinders are also supplied with G3 unvented kit.

*installation contractors for air source heat pumps must have MCS accreditation (Husky Heat Pumps Ltd. can commission and provide you with all the required documentation. Charges will apply).

Supply and 2nd fix installation of air source heat pumps

This option of heat pump in UK is designed for self build developments, property renovations or anyone who is competent in plumbing.

With this option of heat pump in UK, we calculate your heating

and hot water demands and specify the correct Husky Heat Pumps Ltd. air to water heat pump and cylinder requirements. You will receive schematics of your heat pump installation, central heating output specifications. You complete the 1st fix part of the installation of air source heat pumps (flow and return pipe work, cable runs and central heating pipe work and controls**). We will install the outdoor Husky Heat Pumps Ltd. air to water heat pump and water cylinder, commission heat pump and cylinder and provide best practice running information and all MCS documentation.

**full details of 1st fix requirements will be given to you in writing prior to any contract.

Supply and full installation of air source heat pumps

This option is designed for anyone looking to reduce their heating and hot water costs that don’t fit into either of option 1 or 2.

With this option you receive everything as option 2 except we complete 1st and 2nd works involved in the installation, we will also carry out a pre installation site visit.

As you can see in the illustration above, the heat pump provides heating to radiators, underfloor and convector coils. It also provides all the hot water requirements for baths and showers etc. Our heat pumps can even cool in the summer and provide you with hot water at the same time (provided you have fanned convector coils installed).

Installing a Husky Heat Pump is easy; we simply need an external area to site the heat pump, and a suitable place inside your home to place our Twin tank (buffer and domestic water). Your old boiler will not be needed when our installation is complete, however, you can keep it as an alternative heat source should you wish.

Although straightforward, there are critical tasks that
need to be performed before any installation can begin.

1 We need an
accurate heat
load of the
2 we also need
to investigate
the size of your
RADIATORS per room
Once we establish the heat load of your property, we can then calculate whether your radiators have sufficient output. It is particularly important that these processes take place to ensure the heat pump works to its maximum efficiency.

We send a team of 2 engineers qualified in Heat Pump installation, G3 Unvented and Part P 17th Edition for installation and commissioning.

The installation of heat pump system takes 2 days
The installation
will take no
longer than
2-3 DAYS


Air source heat pump installation. Step 1

Initially, we will provide you with an indicative desktop survey and information pack which with delivers 85% accuracy when sizing your heat pump, and provides you with detailed information on how we perform as a company and what we can offer you in terms of saving money.

Air source heat pump installation. Step 2

Book your technical survey, during which we will send out one of our trained and accrediated surveyors to provide you with a detailed heat loss report and a brand new EPC(Energy Performance Certificate) for your property. Both of these documents are essential for you to claim the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) and allows us to size your heat pump with 100% accuracy.

Air source heat pump installation. Step 3

You decide whether you want to proceed and book an installation. If your project is still someway from completion, we can take a small deposit at this point and hold your stock within our warehouse until you are ready.

Air source heat pump installation. Step 4

We complete the installation and commissioning of the heat pump.

Air source heat pump installation. Step 5

You benefit from the savings achieved and collect your RHI payments every quarter.

Air source heat pump installation. Step 6

We monitor your heat pump free of charge, so you have continued peace of mind.