Selecting the best way of heating your house, it is advisable to look closer at a combination of the underfloor heating and air source heat pump. It is a nice pair, which can provide you with the effectiveness and comparative moderateness.

The greatest advantage of such combination is the opportunity to get the even and controllable heating throughout the whole area of your house.

Underfloor heating benefits

Speaking about the underfloor heating, we mean the UFH working on the warm water. Such solution guarantees several positive moments:

  • the invisibility
  • the full elimination of cold spots
  • the absence of noise
  • the consistent heating.

If you are thinking about the underfloor heating installation in your house, it is required considering the following aspects:

  • the house location
  • the floor covering and construction (they will influence on the underfloor heating system’s capability)
  • the desired temperature
  • the heat losses of a fabric in a property
  • the manifold location
  • the appropriate space between each pipe
  • the temperature made by the heat source
  • the weather conditions outside the house.

Besides, it is necessary to count the losses of heat in every room and to compare them with the heating output to make sure of its effectiveness.

The elements of the underfloor system are always the same (whether they are combined with the heat pump or not). However, the key difference is that in the case of such combination, the water is supplied directly to the manifold at a low temperature. There is no necessity to mix it or set up a blending valve.

Heat pumps benefits

Even applied as a single unit, such systems have plenty of advantages, such as:

  • ecological safety (there is minimal carbon footprint)
  • great efficiency heat pumps
  • low operation costs (it will allow lowering the electricity bills)
  • the opportunity to get additional payments (such renewable resource is eligible for the RHI program, which might also help return the money for the installation of equipment).

What’s more, the systems can be applied for both heating and getting the hot water. The heat pumps produce 3 times more heat than they take from either ground or air.

Why is it beneficial to use air source underfloor heating systems?

Any variety of the heat pumps (air or ground) can be perfectly combined with the underfloor heating system. The reason of such good combination is the fact that UFH system requires lower flow temperature compared to any other equipment. The size of the radiator depends on the power and flow temperature required. The lower temperature you want to achieve; the bigger size of the radiator you will require. At the same time, the underfloor heating system always requires as little as 30-50 C°. The same temperature is usually provided by the heat pumps, which makes them the most efficient combination.

The corresponding research was carried out. It managed to prove the efficiency of the combination of the air source heat pumps with underfloor heating. It was able to meet the expectations. The researchers decided to heat their house, which included kitchen, bedrooms, and a living area. To reach this, the heat pump and the underfloor heating were applied. Consider what they reached in the result:

  • silence
  • effectiveness
  • comfortable temperature in the house
  • money savings
  • opportunity to keep the temperature under control (creating the appropriate conditions for each room).

The men shared their desires concerning the heating system. The truth is that they have always wanted to set up the underfloor heating. The heat pump managed to make it even more efficient. What’s more, the installation was not that difficult. The additional bonus of RHI returns appeared to be the other advantage.

The experts claim that such combination is the best decision with the renewable energy. UFH system is an award-winning itself, while the integration of the heat pump to it turned to be unbeatable.

Nowadays thousands of households in the United Kingdom apply the combination of such heating systems. There are companies, which support the population in the installation and servicing of the equipment. Besides, this way of heating is also backed up by the corresponding governmental initiatives.

All figures and numbers are approximate and stated for information only. Figures for your property may vary. Subject to survey.

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Using Air-Source Heat Pumps with Underfloor Heating