Here at Husky Heat Pumps Ltd. we are experts in heat
pumps. We design and manufacture
our equipment independently as well as
install and maintain it.

Why Husky
heat pumps?

Advantage of Husky heat pumps 1
We’re UK based and therefore we understand the peculiarities of the UK climate and take these into account when designing and developing our projects.
Advantage of Husky heat pumps 2
Many of our customers have received the governments rhi payments which provide them an income for 7 years following installation.
Advantage of Husky heat pumps 3
When you upgrade to Heat Genius Intelligent Control System you will use your energy at least twice more effective.
Husky heat pumps guarantees 300% efficiency
Up to 300% efficiency
Husky works only with fully accredited installation engineers
Advantage of Husky heat pumps 5
Our superior efficiency means our Husky heat pumps have the lowest running costs on the market.
Advantage of Husky heat pumps 5

Benefits of HIES


HIES Code of Practice approved by Chartered Trading Standards Institute


HIES endorsed by consumer champion Nick Ross (ex BBC Watchdog and Crimewatch presenter)


Fully Vetted and Accredited Installers (to provide reassurance)


Free Consumer Advice Line: 0800 505 3412


Free Deposit Protection (up to 25% of the contract value)


Free Insurance Backed Guarantee (for every customer)


Free Mediation (to help fully resolve any disputes should they arise)


Free Independent Inspections (to assist with installation product defects at HIES discretion)


Free access to Ombudsman (to conclude disputes without incurring legal fees or costs)


All members installing ‘FITs’ generated products will be MCS registered

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Husky PWR8 heat pump

Intelligent i8 For well-insulated
or small premises.

Dimensions (mm):
length: 1115
width: 425
height: 700
Husky PWR12 heat pump

Intelligent i11 For premises
of medium size.

Dimensions (mm):
length: 1115
width: 440
height: 700
Husky PWR16 heat pump

Intelligent i16 For large premises.

Dimensions (mm):
length: 1115
width: 440
height: 700


How to buy a Husky heat pump? Step 1

Give us a call or fill out our online enquiry form and we will get back in touch with you to answer your questions.

How to buy a Husky heat pump? Step 2
Desktop Analysis

We will provide you with an indicative desktop survey which delivers 85% accuracy when sizing your heat pump. The survey provides you with detailed information on what savings and RHI income you can expect.

How to buy a Husky heat pump? Step 3
Technical Survey

Book your technical survey and we’ll send an engineer to your property to provide you with a detailed heat loss analysis and brand new energy performance certificate (EPC). Both of these are essential for you to claim the RHI and allow us to size your heat pump with 100% accuracy.

How to buy a Husky heat pump? Step 4
Book Installation

Once all the details have been confirmed by your technical survey you place your order with us. If your project is still some way from completion, we can take a small deposit to reserve your stock.

How to buy a Husky heat pump? Step 5

Our team of engineers arrive on site to complete installation at the agreed date and time. Installation is usually completed within 2/3 days. When they leave site, you will have a Husky heat pump providing you with heating and hot water, all day, every day.

How to buy a Husky heat pump? Step 6

All that’s left is for you to enjoy the warmth and comfort of your new heating system and collect your RHI payments each quarter for the next 7 years.


Geraint Jones
Brecon, Wales
The Husky team were great, they worked to their own deadlines and managed the installation very well; they also took their time to explain how I should use the system. I was really not interested in having oil heating installed in my new house; it has always been expensive to run for my parents now I have the new heat pump, I can keep all the radiators on all day so that it’s warm in every room. I also have hot water on demand. Basically it was one button for winter on, one button for summer off, and still doing the hot water all the time. It’s hard to believe how much I have spent in the last 9 months after having this installed, I used a lot more electric in winter and as the milder months were approaching I started to see why it was so efficient. I worked it out, I have used £1.00 per day since October and this is for 24 hours of heating and hot water, I also have a wood burner in the house and I have not cut one log yet.
Mrs Samantha
The old storage heaters were horrendous. They didn’t come on until about midnight, so we were always cold and I was constantly getting annoyed with the cost for the amount of heating we were getting. We did sit with blankets in winter, even though the heating was costing us £60 a week. The new heat pump is perfect! The house is always warm and I haven’t had to worry about the cost. There’s plenty of hot water so we can have as many showers as we like. I’m amazed that, even though we leave the heating on all the time, it’s only costing us £20 a week for all of our heating and electricity!
Linda Benette
Compared to the LPG Boiler, the new heat pumps are a huge improvement. I used to pay £168 per month and the house was warm 60% of the time, now it’s warm 100% of the same and my heating bills have gone down to £50 per month, so far so good!
Laura Raeside
Having compared a lot of companies who sell heat pumps, Husky are the one who stood out in my mind. The fact that they designed, manufactured, and installed all of their own equipment was the best selling point as they couldn’t blame anyone if something went wrong. I have the peace of mind that they install the same Heat Pumps every day of the year. I also liked that fact they were not part of any renewable umbrella. I have done my due diligence here and I’d like to think that I chose well. Only time will tell, but the gas bill has dropped 30-40% and we have 24 hours of heating and hot water. (I’m the skeptical one my husband says) ;)
Donald Evan Hennings
The Husky team was great. They worked quickly, with minimal disturbance and they cleaned up well after themselves. Afterwards they took their time to explain how the system works and left me with a smile on my face.
Mr Gray
Sorn, Ayrshire
I am extremely pleased with my system, I would happily advise Husky Heat Pumps to anyone. The installation team was excellent and took care of everything. My bills have reduced and we have constant heating and hot water.
Mr Purchase
Axminster, Devon
My installation took place just before the winter started in 2015. I am extremely thankful for my new heating system and both myself and my wife are pleased with the outcome. We also have a fan blower connected to our system which has increased the heat also, and is very efficient. All in all, a very pleasant experience from Husky Heat Pumps.
Gary Harwood
Very fast and clean all mint when finished many thanks SIMON
John Gaskell
The annual service was carried out with efficiency and courtesy by Simon.
Williams, Mr & Mrs
Excellent response to our phone call,very pleasant engineer who explained everything to us. It's a shame our Husky doesn't live up to it's reputation!
Service done on due date by friendly engineer willing to answer any cwestion on using the heat pump.
Inglis Mrs
The engineer was prompt, efficient and thorough. Very pleased with the service and the e-mail report. Thank you
Hudson, Andy
Knowledgable, friendly and quick what more can you ask for from a service. Thanks
Dave Chapman
When Alan got here, he found no-one at home. He hadn't been given the message to call my Mum down the road - I had to step out of a meeting for the call.
Howick, Mrs
Very good service. Thank you.
Mr Mark Sutherland
I was impressed with the installation team, although the job took a fair bit longer than the original plan. In addition, the heat genius element was done as the
Wolfard, Karen
Alan seems to have solved the problem of the noise the heatpump was making. He was friendly and courteous and very punctual. Pity he did not come sooner.
Lynda Wakefield
Very amicable young man. Seemed to know what he was doing. My system has been working fine since his visit. Thank you
Williams, Mr & Mrs
Technical help was good without being put on hold, organisation of repair good without too much delay.Engineer arrived on time was friendly and did a good job.
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