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Husky Heat Pumps Ltd., we understand that although exciting, this can be a daunting task with so many decisions to make.

Over the next weeks or even months, we hope to be able to help you work through the sometimes confusing demands of building your own home.

We develop, manufacture, install and maintain our heat pumps


We develop, manufacture, install and maintain our heat pumps
Full under floor or bespoke radiator design service
Weather Compensation
Full planning application service including making sure you obtain the minimum building regulation targets for your area
Remote Control
Heat Genius bespoke home heating control system.

The heating in every room of your home can be controlled via your mobile

Why Husky heating pumps?
Husky Heat Pump heat load and design service
Hot Water
Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) service (where necessary)

As you can see from the above, we will take the headache out of your heating and hot water needs for your new home. Our pricing structure is such that we can provide you with a heat pump, cylinder and all equipment on a supply only basis, a supply and commission basis or a supply, install and MCS cert service.

We can advise you on what best suites your needs

Its a very exciting time for the renewable industry as more and more countries have national policies on renewable heating. We are lucky in the UK that our government introduced the worlds first incentive for home owners to install renewable heating technologies.

In regard to heat pumps, the government launched the Renewable Heat Incentive. This is an incentive that ALL eligible home owners can apply for. You can read further about the RHI by clicking this link.

Husky are experts in designing, manufacturing and installing air heat pumps
Government repayment
within 7 years
Peak efficiency of a Husky heat pump reaches 450%
So what
about Husky
Heat Pumps Ltd.?

Husky Heat Pumps Ltd. were founded by British engineers and the first installation took place in 2008. Innovations in reducing customer energy bills are at the forefront of our goals and aspirations and we are certainly proud that we are market leaders in this field. We do not use subcontractors or independent MCS installers like other brands as we feel that product familiarity can often lead to poor installations and thus poor performance.

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