The Husky Heat Pumps Ltd. air to water
heat pump range

All Husky Heat Pumps are designed to achieve the highest possible standard in performance and efficiency, even in sub-zero temperatures, that's why they may be considered the best air source heat pumps. We utilise only the best available technology focusing on simple and easy to use controls.

Casing of best air source heat pumps are manufactured from galvanised steel and are powder coated ensuring that Husky Heat Pumps are able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Defrost cycles of heat pump are specifically designed for the UK climate, ensuring very high efficiency of air to water heat pump during colder weather conditions. All Husky Heat Pumps are ideally installed in conjunction with the Husky twin cylinder.

Technical Information for air source heat pump

  • COP between 4.20 – 4.59
  • Intelligent Home Optimisation as standard
  • Husky Heat Genius or Husky Heat Genius+ available on all systems
  • Intelligent defrost cycle
  • Satisfies all heating and domestic hot water needs
  • Quiet operation as low as 46dB
  • 60°C water temperature
  • Operates efficiently in sub zero temperatures


We have designed a state of the art, stainless steel twin water storage tank incorporating both the buffer tank and domestic hot water tank. That’s why air source heat pumps reviews are so positive, emphasizing their endurance. This tank is unique and assists you by maximising space and efficiency. The tanks can be split into two separate units where height is an issue.


Intelligent i8 Intelligent i11 Intelligent i16
Air source heat pump Husky PWR8 Air source heat pump Husky PWR11 Air source heat pump Husky PWR16
Rated Heating Capacity 7.80 kw 10.30 kw 15.50 kw
Rated cooling Capacity 8.40 kw 9.45 kw 15.70 kw
Rated Heating Input 1.70 kw 2.50 kw 3.44 kw
Rated cooling Input 2.25 kw 3.05 kw 4.40 kw
Rated Heating Input Current 7.39 A 11.2 A 15.6 A
Rated cooling Input Current 9.78 A 13.4 A 20.0 A
Start Current 0.5 A 0.9 A 1.5 A
COP ( STC AIR 7°C, WATER 35°C) 4.59 W/W 4.12 W/W 4.50 W/W
Rated voltage / frequency 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz
Maximum input power (include electric heating) 2.88KW 3.45KW 5.75KW
Maximum input current (include electric heating) 12.5A 15.0A 25.0A
High pressure value cut-off pressure 4.20 Mpa 4.20 Mpa 4.20 Mpa
Low pressure valve cut-off pressure 0.03 Mpa 0.03 Mpa 0.03 Mpa
Compressor Toshiba Rotary compressor SANYO Rotary compressor Mitsubishi Rotary compressor
Compressor oil type ESTER OIL VG74 FV68S FV50S
Compressor oil amount 500 ml 650 ml 1400 ml
Refrigerant R410A (2.30 Kg) R410A (3.30 Kg) R410A (3.90 Kg)
Air flow 2800 m3/h 3200 m3/h 5600 m3/h
Fan output 80 W 30 W 80 W
Defrost Auto defrost with 4 way valve Auto defrost with 4 way valve Auto defrost with 4 way valve
Waterproof grade IPX4 IPX4 IPX4
Noise (sound power) 46 dB 49 dB 52 dB
Max water outlet temperature 60 °C 60 °C 60 °C
Diameter of water connection DN 25 DN 25 DN 25
Rating water flow 1.50 m³/Hour 1.85 m³/Hour 2.80 m³/Hour
Internal pressure drop at rating water flow 2.0 kpa 2.0 kpa 2.0 kpa
Min/Max heating water pressure 0.5/3.0 ( bar ) 0.5/3.0 ( bar ) 0.5/3.0 ( bar )
Fuse (except power supply of compressor,aux heater) 5A 5A 5A
Lowest Operational point, outdoor air/flow line (heating mode) -15°C/58°C -15°C/58°C -15°C/58°C
Highest Operational point, outdoor air/flow line (heating mode ) 43°C/60°C 43°C/60°C 43°C/60°C
Lowest Operational point, outdoor air/flow line (cooling mode ) 10°C/5°C 10°C/5°C 10°C/5°C
Highest Operational point, outdoor air/flow line (cooling mode ) 43°C/5°C 43°C/5°C 43°C/5°C
Colour White White White
Net Dimensions ( L/W/H ) 1115 / 425 / 700mrn 1115 / 425 / 960mm 1115 / 425 / 1270mm
Net Weight 90 KGS 125 KGS 150 KGS